Rhassoul & Adzuki Complexion Soap




The Rhassoul Clay in this soap has many benefits. It reduces dryness, flakiness, improves skin clarity, firmness, elasticity, and skin texture, removes surface oil as well as oil from deep inside and around comedones (blemishes), removes dead skin layers which result in a general smoothing of the skin surface. And that’s JUST the clay! The Adzuki Bean Powder has used for many centuries in Japanese skin care regimens. It’s earliest recorded use is 700AD! The powder gently exfoliates without damaging the surface of the skin, leaving a soft, radiant glow. Adzuki beans contain a natural foaming agent called saponin which helps to draw out impurities, promotes circulation, removes dirt and dead skin cells. The essential oil blend of Tea Tree, Lavender, Egyptian Geranium and Patchouli was specially formulated for the face. The Tea Tree, Lavender, and Geranium all are excellent for balancing sebum, cleansing pores, and reducing acne while the Patchouli is perfect for reducing the appearance of pores.
Ingredients...Saponified Oils of *Olive, *Coconut, Palm (Renewable), Hemp, *Castor, *Rice Bran, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Adzuki Beans, Organic Madder Root Powder, Tea Tree EO, Lavender EO, Geranium EO, Patchouli EO

    Keto Friendly, Made in America, Vegan Recipe

Full Size 4-5oz
Sample Size 1-1.5oz




It's official! I'm addicted to your products! I've spent years and thousands of dollars looking for something that would help me with my skin problems, dullness, dryness, rosacea and just old looking and sometimes acne too. I've used so many different things but have never found anything that didn't irritate my skin until I tried your Rhassoul & Adzuki Complexion Soap. I can't believe how dramatic the results have been with NO IRRITATION! I used to be upset because there are many people who have skin problems and just suffer with them because there is nothing on the market that addresses so many issues at the same time. Now when people ask me about the change in my skin I tell them all about your Complexion Soaps, Body Soaps, Face Serums and Body Sorbets. They're so reasonably priced that anyone can afford them and I love that about your company! When I think of the thousands of dollars I threw away over the years on products that were useless and actually harmed my skin it makes me want to go tell everyone about Ann Bee's Naturals so they don't make those same mistakes! Stay true to the mission of your company, quality products that help people at a reasonable price. It sets you apart from the rest!





Received my first bar, just to try, about 2 months ago.  I’ve been using it daily since, still have a little left, and just placed my next order.  The Rhassoul & Adzuki Complexion Soap has been outstanding on my sensitive skin.  It has a wonderfully clean scent and has helped my skin feel better than ever.  I just ordered some others as gifts, and a new one to try out myself, in addition to another bar of Rhassoul/Adzuki.  I’m impressed with how long the bar has lasted and it is not cracked or gummy.  THANK YOU ANN! 

~Heather, Port Deposit, MD


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