Argan Zizyphus Shampoo



  • Aids in detangling
  • Used to achieve the benefits of henna with no color change
  • Strengthening from root to tip of hair
  • Leaves hair full of shine deep
  • Gentle cleansing ideal for those with fine, limp hair
  • Improves thickness of hair protects for daily elements
This shampoo bar contains liberal amounts of Zizyphus Spina Christi, a desert growing plant, which contains 4 unique saponin glycosides. Saponin helps to absorb excess sebum and it's because of the high concentations of saponin in the leaves of this plant that it's been used as a "soap substitute" for washing hair and skin for many centuries. It is also antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory making it excellent for treating dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. This shampoo is invigorating and promotes hair growth, helps with eczema and psoriasis of the scalp as well as dandruff. Argan Oil moisturizes hair by locking in moisture without being greasy. It's rich in vitamin E which helps to repair damaged hair, improves scalp health and adds shine. The Unsaturated Omega 3 & 9 Fatty Acids help to prevent split ends by strengthening the protein bonding structure of the hair.
Great for All Hair Types! 

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of *Coconut, *Argan, *Olive, Canola (Non-GMO), Mango Butter, *Sunflower, Babassu, *Castor, *Shea Butter, Water, *Zizyphus Spina Christi, *Rosemary, *Peppermint, *Tea Tree,
 * Denotes Organic 

Made in America, Vegan Recipe, Keto Friendly
Full Size 3.5-4oz
Sample Size 1-1.25oz

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