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Many soap companies use the same recipe for every soap and just change the scent. Because we understand that you are unique we make our soaps unique as well. That is why each of our soaps, shampoo bars, body sorbets, herbal salves, aromatherapy roll-on's and inhalers, lotion bars, and lip balms area made from a different carefully crafted recipe. Many recipes are completely different. Sometimes we simply tweak a recipe--a bit more of this or a little less of that. 
In these testimonials our customers have shared their experiences with our all natural products.  With a wide variety of recipes and essential oil blends, we are sure you will find an all natural product that is just right for you.
Written about Headache Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler from Mother Earth Fair Seven Springs PA 2014 “The headache stuff is truly amazing!! I had a headache so bad when I got back to the hotel I sniffed it three times. Within 10 minutes my headache was gone. When we go back tomorrow I am buying a couple more for my friends that gets headaches quite often. Thank you so much!! Sheila Amster”
I want to say THANK YOU for giving my husband his hand back to him: I started an herbal apprenticeship program in January, so over the last few months I have become aware of how important it is to start using natural products made with herbs and flowers. I had bought a shampoo bar from a local farmers market and my hair immediatley responded to it. My husband said he would like to find something for his hair because it was so oily. While at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville NC we came across Ann Bee's booth and bought some shampoo for him. Immedialty his hair responded but that is not the whole magic of using what is in abundance around us. (herbs) My husbands hands have always been cracked, sore and would hurt you just to look at them. We would get them healed for a day or two but it would always come back. We thought it was because of his work, diesel, grease etc. Within a few days of using the product from Ann Bee's his hands healed and has stayed healed since April! THe store bought products he was using was causing his hands to crack and be inflamed all the time. This was a turning point for both of us to stop buying chemical based products and only use naturally made items. You have a customer for life!
Barb Rogers-Bolin, TN
Awesome Product!

I attended an Apple Festival in Harford Co. and came by a vendor table. The products seemed similar to others, but there was a sign that spoke about knowing Jesus-- that drew me to the table. After conversing with the wonderful product rep and her husband (who was kind enough to hold my mums), I decided to try the muscle inflammatory Arnica Boswellia product for my back and my mom's fibromyalga (forgive spelling). Upon the first use, we both felt pain relief and I was utterly amazed. I have ordered three more containers and am trying the vein treatment for my mother-in-love (mother in law). Thank you for blessing us with this gift in a tin. Please, step out on faith and give these products a try... you won't be disappointed!

I love the soap. It lathers up real nice, and rinses off without leaving any residue. I've tried the hand lotion bars as well. Very, very nice. Even in and out of the water all day, it's there. I'm so looking forward to your new products. Thanks Ann Bee's for truly, people friendly products.
Claire Powell

My family absolutely loves your soap. We all have dry skin and have discovered that after using your soap we no longer need to use lotion! We have tried moisturizing and beauty bars in the store but nothing ever seemed to work. I was still applying lotion all day. I'm happy to say that I no longer have to do that. I love all the natural ingredients and the wonderful scents as well. Thank you for making such wonderful products. We will definitely be purchasing more.
Darlene E.

I received my first order from Ann on Thursday, and used some of the tea tree soap, solid lotion bar and wonderful lip butter that night. I was in awe!!! So in awe, I made another order on Friday! I don't want to be out of her soaps, and I added more to my Christmas list! This stuff is awesome!
Crista F.

I just want to tell you that I used your soap and exfoliating bar (Bee Bar) today. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE them. I started with the Aromatic Java scent (love it). When I was at your house I couldn't get the full scent of the bars because even the air smelled good in your house. :) But when George and I smelled them at our house, the scent was much more fragrant. After using these two products my skin is SOOOOOOOOOOO soft and feels wonderful. I felt like I didn't even need lotion. It still feels wonderful. I am so serious. I am truly amazed how different and wonderful my skin feels. I used the lip balm and love it too.....feels great on my lips. I have such dry lips and they always need moisture. (I'm the queen of chapstick products.) ha ha
Susan Buck

I am quite pleased with the Bug Spray I ordered from you. The soap is good too. When I was out in my garden last week there were horseflies and mosquitoes but I never got a bite, so I got it out at our Memorial Day BBQ. All of our guests used it except for one who insisted on using a "popular DEET Spray". No bites for us who wore the Naturals Spray. Not ONE! Can't say the same for our other guest. Thank you for making natural products that really work!
Adam & Amy

I recently fell down a flight of stairs and as a result I could barely walk. No broken bones, but the doctors said I had several bone bruises. They looked horrible, not to mention the pain. I used my mom's tin of Arnica Boswellia and couldn't believe how well it relieved my pain. And that's not all, my bruises faded within a week! The knots on my arms and legs were gone in no time as well. I never did return my mom's tin! I ordered us both more. This is a new staple in my house! Thank you Ann Bee's. This is a real life saver!
Heidi F.

I bought several bars of your soap at Dove Valley in June. I can't believe the difference they've made in my skin! I had never used Natural Soap before but the smell of the Peppermint Rosemary, Triple Mint and Clary Sage Citrus were so tempting I bought them ALL! I've not used lotion ONCE since I started using them. Can't wait to place my new order! You have a customer for life!
Karen B.

Dear Ann, I cant believe I did this but I bought a "natural" soap from another company. Yours was the very first natural soap I tried after the rave reviews from my neighbor, anyway, I ran out and bought a bar from a local craft fair. It was wrapped in cellophane so I couldn't really smell it but when I opened it up the smell was so strong and overwhelmingly UN-natural I had to get it out of the house! My son and I both had asthma flares as a result. It was nothing like your Lemongrass Rosemary or Bohemian Breeze (our favorites). I guess you can make "natural" soap with fragrance oils instead of essential oils, they just listed the scent as fragrance. Lesson learned! I'll never stray from your gentle, natural products again! My whole family loves them and I'll be giving them as Christmas presents this year too. Please never stop making such healthy, wonderful products! Can't wait to try my new order of salves! I'll let you know how I like them. Sincerely, Kimberly Griffin

New York.

It's official! I'm addicted to your products! I've spent years and thousands of dollars looking for something that would help me with my skin problems, dullness, dryness, rosacea and just old looking and sometimes acne too. I've used so many different things but have never found anything that didn't irritate my skin until I tried your Rhassoul & Adzuki Complexion Soap. I can't believe how dramatic the results have been with NO IRRITATION! I used to be upset because there are many people who have skin problems and just suffer with them because there is nothing on the market that addresses so many issues at the same time. Now when people ask me about the change in my skin I tell them all about your Complexion Soaps, Body Soaps, Face Serums and Body Sorbets. They're so reasonably priced that anyone can afford them and I love that about your company! When I think of the thousands of dollars I threw away over the years on products that were useless and actually harmed my skin it makes me want to go tell everyone about Ann Bee's Naturals so they don't make those same mistakes! Stay true to the mission of your company, quality products that help people at a reasonable price. It sets you apart from the rest!

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. After my surgery, I began radiation and developed horrible burns. They were so painful. One of my friends gave me a gift of the seabuckthorn salve from your company. She told me to use it on my burns. I had nothing to lose, the cream the hospital provided me didn't help much so I began using your orange salve. Thank you for this salve that not only took the sting out of my burns but healed them during the course of therapy. My doctor was impressed with how well I was healing so I told him about you and gave him the information to pass on to other patients. It has made this difficult season of my life more bearable. 

Received my first bar, just to try, about 2 months ago.  I’ve been using it daily since, still have a little left, and just placed my next order.  The Rhassoul & Adzuki Complexion Soap has been outstanding on my sensitive skin.  It has a wonderfully clean scent and has helped my skin feel better than ever.  I just ordered some others as gifts, and a new one to try out myself, in addition to another bar of Rhassoul/Adzuki.  I’m impressed with how long the bar has lasted and it is not cracked or gummy.  THANK YOU ANN! 

~Heather, Port Deposit, MD





Hi Ann

Hope you are having a good day today.

I just wanted to thank you, I got my order yesterday & I washed my face with the Carrot & Avocado soap before I went to bed and when I woke up. My husband looked at me this morning and said,” you look pretty today” I asked what did he mean? He said that my face look brighter, healthier. I was amazed. I will be 72 soon & I really didn’t think anything could make a difference at my age.

My birthday is July 4th and my husband always ask what I would like, so I am starting a list..This soap is at the top of my list. Can’t wait to use the scrub.  LOL

Thanks again for all your help.

Peg A Thompson


Hello, I bought your almond oatmeal soap when you had a stand at terre hill days a few weeks ago.  I just had to tell you...I am hooked! I have tried many different brands of all natural soaps from all over the world.  They haven't felt quite right, either too much fragrance, not enough lather, or really dried out my skin.  Your soap is amazing!  It has just the right amount of scent and lather, I love the almond oatmeal for exfoliating.  It is just perfect.  I am so glad you were in my town that day or I would have never found the company that I will buy my soap from from now on. I can finally stop wasting money on looking for the best all natural soap because yours is it!  I cant wait to try other scents, so definitely expect an order from me in the near future. 
Gratefully yours,



Hi! I purchased a soap and your rosehip salve yesterday at the Woodstown Fall Festival in New Jersey. I had to write and tell you how in love I am with that salve. It's amazing! My skin has NEVER felt as soft as it does after only one day of using it. Thank you so much for giving people natural choices in skincare products. I definitely want to order more and I saw some products on the website that I'd like as well. Thank you so much again!
Kelin Eachus


"Dear Ann,

Since meeting you at the Trinity Craft Fair I threw out all the %$##%^&. I won't let anyone else use it either. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. The patches of eczema on my face went away after only a few days and now my ankles, elbows and hands are better too. I love the Almond Oatmeal. I like the soap better in the shower than the basket, lol! My family likes it better too although it took some convincing to get my husband to try it. Now he's obsessed with it. You got a customer for life!

Thanks again,

Susan O.

Shippensburg, PA"


This salve (Sleepyhead) works wonders! I used to have to take Tylenol pm to sleep at night, now all i do is rub some sleepyhead salve on my pulse points and im out like a light.
Erin Nicole

Cumberland, MD


Wow! is how I feel about your carrot avocado complexion soap.
Within a couple of days, I saw a dramatic difference in my skins appearance and texture. Love, love, love this soap.
I am a big fan of handmade soaps, but yours in the best by far.
So glad you were at the Ocean Pines craft show this past summer, where I was first introduced to your products.
I just placed my second order for more of this wonderful soap along with a few new seasonal items. I will be giving the complexion soap to my mom and new daughter in law for Christmas. Can’t wait for them to try this soap. My 25 year old son also uses your detox soap, which has eliminated his occasional breakouts. Thanks so Much Ann Bee’s
Wishing you a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Corinne Sweigart


My dry shampoo came in and I couldn't wait to try it. I LOVE IT!!! Even my 15yo son has been using it. My colleagues have commented on my hair looking great and smelling great too! I told them all about it and they'll be ordering some soon I'm sure!

Holly, Queenstown, MD


My testimonial is for the Arnica/Boswellia salve, which both my husband and I have used for muscle and joint pain, with good success. It doesn't leave a greasy feel on the skin, and it smells great.

Kelly K. Eugene, OR


My testimonial is that you cannot go into any room in my house and not find an Ann bees product! My all time favorite is the refreshing shampoo bar!

Salena G. Rising Sun, MD


 I love the lotion bars and facial soap! The lotion bar keeps my hands moist through many washes. The detox soap us helping to clear my skin up and feels great.

Rachel G.


I picked up a tin of the Seabuckthorn Salve at the Mother Earth Fair in Asheville. I have had 2 chickens that were severely mauled by a dog which resulted in huge gaping wounds almost a 1/2 deep and @ 3 inches wide. After cleaning them out I used this salve as a means to hold an herbal mixture from my garden to try to heal them. Both bear no scars today from the incident. More recently I had a beloved pet bird break a leg and complications proceeded to the point where I was told to choose amputation or euthanasia or I could take him home and see what happened. I treated his now infected and open fracture with bone sticking out with this same mixture and the following week the skin had begun to regrow and the bone was no longer protruding and the deep infection was gone. Bravo to the Seabuckthorn Rosehip Salve. I will always have a tin handy from this point on.

Crystal - North Carolina