Is your organization looking for a great fundraising idea? We know that fundraising can be difficult but we are here to help! Our products are perfect for schools, churches, and all kinds of groups. Ann Bee's Naturals products are a refreshing alternative to unwanted wrapping paper, magazines, candy and frozen pizzas. We understand as a Fundraiser Organizer, your goal is to raise money for your cause. We also understand that due to hard economic times, consumers are looking to spend less money. Ann Bee's Naturals products will help you reach your goal. Everyone involved in this Fundraising Program will find it appealing. And the product we are offering will sell itself.
Our goal is to help your organization meet it's fundraising goals. You choose which soap and other body products to include in your fundraiser. We provide customized Brochure and Order Sheets for you to download and print as many as you need.
Contact us to see how we can help you reach your goal...Naturally!