About Us

Ann Bee's Naturals LLC™ opened it's doors in November 2011 and we've never looked back! Eco-Friendly, family owned and operated business located in Fair Hill, MD. 
Our mission is to provide you with a truly natural alternative to store bought skin and hair care products. We make our skin nourishing products from ingredients which are wonderful and do amazing things for your skin. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO's, just beneficial, natural ingredients you can trust. Our products are cruelty free, biodegradable, minimally packaged and eco friendly.
Many of our customers have asked who we are and how Ann Bee's Naturals LLC™ got started. The story begins in 2010 when I was injured at work and had to have knee surgery. While I was out recovering, our long-time day care provider for our special needs daughter informed us they were moving out of state. We were unable to find a replacement and after many months of searching for a replacement I turned in my resignation. I had worked at the Dept of Veterans Affairs for 17 years and leaving wasn't easy but staying home with my daughter turned out to be the wisest thing I've ever done. Still, I missed my job. 
One night in June of 2011 I had a dream that I would have a Natural Soap Company that created products which helped people to have better health. From the time my daughter was on the Ketogenic Diet in 2007 for seizures I became increasingly aware and concerned about how many chemicals are present in our skin care products and the adverse effects these chemicals were having on us, our children, our planet. Although I had no experience making skin products I was very familiar with herbs and natural treatments so I believe this next step was a gift from God. We got our business license in November 2011 and began selling products online. 
Our dream is to provide the highest quality products that provide health and well being to all 50 states. Our dreams are being realized and we give thanks to God for His blessings which have made it possible.