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Ann Bee’s Naturals uses only the finest botanical ingredients to create our line of Essential Mists ~ pure, natural and healing aromatherapy sprays. Simple yet effective, our Essential Mist sprays are made using only ingredients you can pronounce! We use quality essential oils which are not only therapeutic, they are fun and refreshing! Essential Mists are wonderfully versatile, use them as a therapeutic spray, skin toner, body spritz, room or car deodorizer, linen or pillow spray, hair freshener or wherever you'd like a burst of natural, clean scent, the possibilities are endless. They are convenient, revitalizing, healthy and a great way to pamper yourself and those you love.

Diffuse your favorite essential oils into the air without the need for expensive aromatherapy diffusers or tea light candles. The best part is it is completely natural!

To Use: Shake well and spray. Some essential oils partially disperse into water and some float on top, so be sure to shake well before each and every use. These essential oils MAY stain clothing, so use caution around light fabrics.

Custom Blends Available Upon Request!