Dry Shampoo

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Washing your hair too often can cause damage. It can strip the natural oils from it resulting in dry, damaged hair that looks and feels unhealthy. When this happens we tend to seek other products to counterbalance these effects. Not to mention, it's time consuming to wash, dry and style your hair every single day.


Our dry shampoos, which are made with organic ingredients, can save you time and give you precious extra minutes on the days when you need it most! After all, it's no one's business if you overslept! They work easily and effectively with no toxic chemicals. They absorb excess oils in hair so that you can skip days of shampooing. Your hair will look and feel clean with our dry shampoos. They give you the freedom of knowing you not only look great but you are using a product that is healthy for you!


To use: Just sprinkle (or dust with a powder brush) along the roots of your hair, wait a few minutes, and then comb or tousle through.


Keto Friendly, Vegan, Made in America