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Getting Organized!

In the spirit of getting organized for the New Year all unused areas needed to become useful for either storage or work space. The studio is in a Cape Cod style home and there are "nooks and cranny’s" that have become catch all spaces. I’m wise enough to know that organization isn’t my strong suit so I asked a friend to come by and help me figure out how to reconfigure the studio to best utilize the space. She helped me tremendously! This project is the result of Merideth (best friend and organized individual) who helped dream it up not to mention all the hard labor of rearranging things, Richard (my amazing brother-in-law) who with my wonderful husband Tommy built this shelving system.


The space as it used to be. Wasted…Unused area in soap studio.


Tommy assembling it with a tiny bit of help from me. (very tiny!)

 Tom making sure the shelves are safely secured.


This space is an odd shape so I was impressed with the way they built the shelves.

Tommy assembles my new shelving system for soap molds.



He made certain it was secured and level…

The finished space! All my soap molds have a place to sit and there is ample space for empty pots too!

Finished shelves with soap molds. A place for everything and everything in it's place.

I couldn't be more pleased as this puts me one step closer to holding classes in my studio! Be on the lookout for the announcement of classes beginning as early as February!

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