The Natural Buzz / New Soaps

New Year, New Products and Free Shipping!

We want you to know that, here at Ann Bee’s Naturals LLC, we view each and every one of you as a part of our extended family. Those of you that have come to see us at various events throughout the past years can attest to that.

We strive to give you the best that nature has to offer through our constant research, development and extensive testing. We are working diligently to bring you new and diverse products.

This past year we added Aromatherapy Inhalers, Aromatherapy Roll-On’s, Essential Mists, Magnesium Salt Soaks, and this year we intend to continue bringing you more new, natural products that will enhance your health and home environment.

So far in 2014 we’ve created 3 new soaps, shampoos and complexion soaps, (we have many others we're dreaming up and preparing to create), Carpet Essentials, Wool Dryer Balls, Vein Health Herbal Salve and we have many other new items that are currently in testing and haven’t been released yet.

We are also having weekly giveaways on our Facebook Page so be sure to "like" us there. Because we don't want to be in violation of the guidelines we can't require you share the giveway on your personal Facebook Page but we do ask that you tell your friends about us so our business will continue to grow.

You can check out our show schedule to see where you can visit us, as well as touch, see, and smell what’s new. And as a thank you we are also happy to offer Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 in the US.


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