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Natural Colorants

This week I went to a large indoor/outdoor market where there were many wonderful vendors and several of them were soap makers. As I perused the isles one booth caught my eye, simply because it claimed all the products they sold were completely natural, scented only with essential oils and colored naturally. Yet one of the soaps was hot pink and the scent was strawberry mango. I ask you this? What color is your soap? Hot pink? Neon Green? Bright Purple? Well, if it is, it’s NOT natural! Those colors can only be achieved by using a synthetic dye. And since our skin is a sponge, not a barrier, it absorbs EVERYTHING we put on it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to absorb Red Dye #30 or any other synthetic, chemical filled dye! Synthetic dyes are listed in the top 10 causes of skin allergies! That’s why Ann Bee’s Naturals uses only natural colorants. We love the beneficial properties of mineral rich clays, healing herbs, and food grade detoxifying bamboo charcoal adds to our soaps! It has to have a benefit for the skin to make it into an Ann Bee’s Naturals product because our customers deserve the very best! Don’t be fooled by pretty colors and fruity scented imitations, the things Nature has to offer is so much better!


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