The Natural Buzz / Ethiopian Wine Recipe

Ethiopian Honey Wine AKA Tej

Our recipe is from Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz. I really like this little book which is full of great information on fermenting for the beginner. And since I’m a beginner, and you might be a beginner, it’s perfect!

I recommend using glass jars simply because metal and plastic can the process of fermentation can leach things out of your container. Glass or ceramic are best. A jug like this…and I’ll be picking up a few cases of these next week from our honey jar people so you can get one from me next week if you need one. They’ll be about $4.25 each and will have a lid. You can also get one from the grocery store that is filled with apple juice and just reuse it!

On to the recipe!!
3 cups honey
3qts water (remember to use de-chlorinated and you can see how to do that here)
1 cup Ginger Bug (learn to make one here)
1 gallon jar or ceramic crock
1 gallon glass jug or carboy
Balloon (not Mylar lol) or airlock
Bottles or jars that can be sealed
A funnel for bottling

I’ll go on through the whole process of how to make it soon but since not everyone has picked up their honey we have a little time and I'm getting ready for the show this weekend. In the meantime, get your equipment together and start your Ginger Bugs!

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