Epilepsy Awareness Month


Every November Ann Bee's Naturals chooses a foundation to donate a portion of our sales. This year we are supporting The Danny Did Foundation. If you are unfamiliar with them and the work they do please follow the link and read about the work they're doing. Here is an excerpt from their About Us page.


"To achieve our goals, the DDF engages physicians and researchers in the fields of neurology and epileptology; we collaborate with medical technology companies; we consult with epilepsy organizations, and we interact with all those affected by Danny’s story. We ask doctors to talk about SUDEP, and we offer ourselves as an outlet to which doctors can steer patients. We create informational pieces about safety in epilepsy in general and SUDEP in particular. We pursue the latest seizure detection and seizure prediction technologies, and once identified as viable and worthwhile instruments, we work to get these products approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration and then covered by insurance companies. We view these devices as complimentary to medicinal, surgical, and dietary measures that are used to treat seizures, and –with SUDEP accounting from an estimated 20 percent of seizure-related deaths– we believe that there is no such thing as too much prevention."


We believe it's time for a CURE! "Please go and enjoy your life. Danny did."

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