Happy Anniversary!!!

Three years ago I got our business license and started our website. I still can’t believe we’ve been doing this for 3 years and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, our customers! We value our customers and work hard to provide you with the highest quality products. Your calls, emails, Facebook posts and comments, reviews and visits are much appreciated. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for your support and loyalty! We are pleased you enjoy using our products and that they are helping you. That has always been our goal.

We have big plans this coming year, new equipment, staff and products! And as we go forward it’s important to remember where we came from. Here are a few of our favorite photos that show the progression from 2011 to now.

Our First Batch (Orange Beeswax) Sept 2011


Sept 2011

We ran out of cake racks to dry on and moved up to this in December 2011.


The soap making took on a life of it's own and needed more space than the kitchen could accommodate so we converted the upstairs Master Bedroom into a Soap Studio.

Soap Rack 2011

And filled it up in no time! Now we have two of these and will be transitioning to a new system in 2015.


With lots of help and hard work we transformed it into a working area where we've created products that have gone all over the world!


Our labeling has changed over time as well.

December 2011 Gold Labeled Soap

January 2012 with the Sunflower.

December 2012 New Labels


November 2014!

But one thing that hasn't changed and never will is our commitment to provide our customers with healthy, wholesome, affordable products!

Thank you for making the past 3 years possible! We look forward to many years to come!

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