How to Make a Ginger Bug

Are you looking to maintain a healthier gut? Many people take a pro-biotic in the form of a pill or by eating yogurt but there is a delicious way to incorporate lacto-fermentation into your diet by making a fizzy, fruity natural soda or even a honey wine. This starter is rich in Lactobacillus (necessary to a healthy gut and tied to a healthy immune system) but you can also use whey if you choose.

Making your Starter (Ginger Bug) This will be what begins the fermentation process and you can use it as a starter for many other things as well.












Start with a piece of organic ginger root, unpeeled and raw, organic sugar. That’s it.

The more raw the sugar the better because it contains trace minerals which will help your bug to bubble! And be sure to use organic ginger because conventional ginger is irradiated, which kills lactobacillus.

Mince or grate your ginger and place it in a clean jar with about a TBSP of the sugar. Then add a 2 cups of non-chlorinated water (chlorine will inhibit fermentation) and stir. (You can de-chlorinate the water by either boiling and then allowing to cool or by leaving it to sit out overnight so the chlorine can dissipate.)

Cover with a thin cloth and place a rubber band around it so it can still breathe but keep out fruit flies and dust.
Stir it twice a day and feed it a tsp each of sugar and ginger. After a couple of days you should hear it start to bubble when you stir it. When you start to hear it bubble BEFORE you stir it then you know it’s ready! This will take longer in a cold room so keep it somewhere cozy but not in direct sunlight because heat will destroy it as well.
When adding this to the recipe be sure the liquid has cooled completely (slightly warm is okay) because heat will destroy the enzymes.

I’ll post the recipes for the wine and soda later today.

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    Your article really piqued my curiosity. I had to consider some of your unique ideas in order to think about them a bit. I agree in part with your views. Thank you for interesting content.

    On October 14, 2015

  • Amy G says...

    Feeling slightly better today so hoping to make it to Newark Natural Foods after work to pick up some organic ginger before I swing by tonight. I need the ginger for my honey lemon ginger “jelly” for sore throats/colds but now I know I need it for the soda too! So excited! See you soon!

    On September 24, 2014

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